Codeforces Round 698 A 题解

Nezzar and Colorful Balls

Nezzar has $n$ balls, numbered with integers $1,2,…,n$. Numbers $a_1,a_2,…,a_n$ are written on them, respectively. Numbers on those balls form a non-decreasing sequence, which means that $a_i≤a_{i+1}$ for all $1≤i<n$.


Codeforces Round 697 B 题解

New Year's Number

Polycarp remembered the $2020$-th year, and he is happy with the arrival of the new $2021$-th year. To remember such a wonderful moment, Polycarp wants to represent the number $n$ as the sum of a certain number of $2020$ and a certain number of $2021$.


Codeforces Round 697 A 题解

Odd Divisor

You are given an integer $n$. Check if $n$ has an odd divisor, greater than one (does there exist such a number $x$ ($x>1$) that $n$ is divisible by $x$ and $x$ is odd).


PTA 拯救007 题解


在老电影“007之生死关头”(Live and Let Die)中有一个情节,007被毒贩抓到一个鳄鱼池中心的小岛上,他用了一种极为大胆的方法逃脱 —— 直接踩着池子里一系列鳄鱼的大脑袋跳上岸去!(据说当年替身演员被最后一条鳄鱼咬住了脚,幸好穿的是特别加厚的靴子才逃过一劫。)